Best 5 Android Automation Testing Tools

Android Automation Testing Tools

Today as we all know that Android is the most popular operating system across the globe. This is because of its popularity among people. The only reason for its popularity is its easily accessible, customization, and development. The applications are the base of android OS and they must be error and omission-free for a better user experience. 

Every application has complex coding and functionality that needs to be tested before any actions. If a human is going to do so, it will take a lot of time and effort. Why not work smart? Use Automated testing tools. These are specially programmed for performing android applications automated tests. No chances of mistakes and faults. 

Android automation testing is a complex process that requires a lot of coding and in-depth knowledge. For a human, it is difficult to follow such a massive coding. 

For the solution, several android automation testing tools are developed with auto-handling errors capability and well-developed AI. They have inbuilt specifications to scan, analyze and rectify all the errors from android applications. 

There are several tools available on the internet that can be used to automate the testing of android applications, but most of them are weaker or not updated according to the requirement. Some people might face difficulty in finding the Top Automated Testing Tools for Android.  

To make your work easier and save your valuable time in searching the mobile testing tools for Android, we provide you with the best automation testing tools for Android available on the Internet. Let’s have a look at them: 

5 Best Automation Tools for Testing Android App

We are sharing with you best mobile app testing tools list. You can choose tool as per your requirement.

#1 TestProject

The first tool for testing android applications is TestProject. It is the first free cloud base tool in the world with community-powered automation test specifications. 

It will allow the users to process the complete automatic tests for their applications on android devices. It will effortlessly collaborate with your team using Selenium and Appium which ensure proper quality with high speed. 

It contains numerous features and specifications that will make it one of the Best Automation Tools for Testing Android Apps, some of these features are mentioned below. 

  • Create and use addons. 
  • Utilize and share addons with your team or whole community handily. The tool is capable of holding an unlimited number of tests and users to work together. 
  • Reports are shown in detail on specialized dashboards. All the relevant information and details are mentioned with proper analytics.
  • Easy configuration and startups, that will make it easy to work upon.
  • No need for an advanced level of knowledge to use, one with a little experience can easily operate the TestProject tool. 

#2 Katalon Studio

While searching for the relevant tool from the mobile app testing tools list, this tool attracts our eyes with its unique features. 

Katalon Studio provides a codeless testing experience to its users for their expertise and all scales. Its sophisticated dashboard will display all the reports in a civilized manner and you can share them with a team or whole community with ease. 

It comes along with some abundant benefits and features these are as under: 

  • Providing insightful testing reports for each automation test is its prime specification. A user can easily understand the report just by observing it formally. 
  • Come along with easy-to-use project management tools that will reduce the efforts of users. 
  • It is easy to use and regulate with your team or community. 

#3 testRigor

This tool will let you test android applications with massive sizes. Many android applications are rejected for testing by most of the automation testing tools because of their size. 

But testRigir will allow you to perform the same effortlessly. There is no requirement of prior or in-depth knowledge or experience while operating the tool, users of all technical abilities are easily able to create automated tests on Android applications.  

Features of testRigor tool that makes it one of the best android automation testing tools on the internet: 

  • The public version is free for all users, no need to buy any subscription. 
  • An unlimited number of tests and no limit for users. A team can work together effortlessly in a meantime. 
  • Provides email and SMS testing along with Android applications testing for advancement. 

#4 Appium

Appium is known for its vulnerability and fast testing. It ranks in the list of Top Automated Testing Tools for Android on the internet. These tools will provide the feature to test the android application while running in the background. 

This mobile automation testing tool supports numerous programming languages including Java, C++, and Ruby. It has the potential to control safari and chrome to produce informative and detailed reports in a customized dashboard. 

Appium tools come with several Benefits and specifications which allow users to perform hybrid automated tests. Some of the abundant features of Appium are as follow: 

  • It can easily integrate with other tools with the help of Java. 
  • There is no requirement of modifying or recompiling the android application in any way as it uses standard mobile automation API. 
  • For using this tool, a user is not supposed to use any other software or tool on their device. 
  • It offers numerous testing frameworks, you can go for any of these frameworks according to the ordinance. 

#5 MonkeyRunner

Last but not least tool is available in the list of android automation testing tools on the internet. MonkeyRunner is an applicable tool that offers an API for composting programs. Based on performance this mobile automation testing tool ranks #1 with its unique features and specifications. 

It can programmatically interact with hybrid and native android applications effortlessly with its unique AI program. It will test several applications in a single time but with its paid version. Some of its extensive attributes are mentioned below: 

  • Non-technical QA staff and business experts are also capable of understanding it because of its cucumber framework. 
  • It is highly recommended for automated testing of touch screen android applications. 
  • Native and hybrid android applications are especially focused while programming the tool. 

How can we determine the satisfactory Mobile App Automation Tool?

Selecting the best mobile app automation tool requires in-depth knowledge, but you can do so by keeping the following in mind:

  • Analyst and research the automation tools according to your standards and requirements. 
  • Check the resulting dashboard, Too if it provides relevant information or not. 
  • Look upon the time taken while testing the android applications. Always prefer the tools that take less time. 
  • See the user reviews and ratings before selecting the android automatic tool for you. It will avoid all the possibility of choosing irrelevant tools. 

Why is Choosing the Correct Mobile Tool Important?

One needs to choose the best mobile automation testing tool according to his/her requirement. Numerous tools are available on the internet with unique features and specifications. Some are free to all while others are expensive and available only in paid versions, some are available for years while others are new to the internet. 

As it is clear that a large number of automation testing tools for Android applications are available on the internet, it is difficult for you to choose one of them. It is necessary to choose the perfect one that meets all your requirements and is capable of establishing your project easily. Never go for any tool blindly, it will lose you. As a result, selecting the best technology for your project is important.

In 2022, Which Automation Tool will be in high demand?

2022 comes with great opportunities for all the people in the technical field, the world is modernizing and requires technical people. According to the ranking and popularity Appium is one of the Top Automated Testing Tools for Android available on the internet. It ranks #1 on attention automation test tools. 

It comes with vibrant features and a series of specifications like most of its users. It works effectively not only with android but iOS also. It is highly compatible with several programming languages including C++ and Java. 

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