Are There Any Methods to Improve Gaming Experience on a Mac?

Despite what some people might say, Macbooks have come a long way from what they were a few years ago and can work as gaming platforms just fine.

Sure, you could argue that running AAA games on ultra settings is not possible, but there are still plenty of video games one can enjoy on a Mac. Moreover, there are certain ways to boost the overall experience by making some changes.

The methods in this article will reveal how you can improve your Macbook so that it has fewer problems running video games.

Method #1 – Have Enough Drive Space

The most recent Macbook models come with solid-state drives. SSDs have replaced HDDs for the sake of improving performance. However, there is one downside to this change.

Solid-state drives do not provide as much storage. And given how much disk space modern video games need, this can turn into a big problem. If you are stuck with only a few free gigabytes on the drive, Macbook will underperform, and not just when you are running video games.

With all that said, managing the issue is not that difficult. You can delete old apps, downloads, email attachments, and temporary system junk. Transferring data to external storage devices and clouds will help as well.

Finally, you should also become familiar with Mac’s other storage and what it does for the computer. You can read on by this link to find out the information.

Method #2 – Confirm the Computer Is Malware-Free

Do not neglect the importance of having reliable antivirus software. Even an insignificant cybersecurity threat can spell trouble for the overall Macbook performance, not to mention how difficult it becomes to play resource-heavy video games.

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Scan the system using antivirus to confirm that the Macbook is malware-free. In case the scan locates potentially corrupted files, do not hesitate and remove them. 

Method #3 – Close Unnecessary Background Apps

Since video games require system resources, the computer should give them as many resources as it can. And it would help if you trim the background application list. Each app consumes resources.

If you are not sure which app is running in the background, check the Activity Monitor. The tool also allows you to sort processes by CPU and memory usage.

Also, speaking of resource consumption, you can also win by disabling visual effects. Gimmicks like a backlit keyboard is another resource consumption source.

Method #4 – Install Updates

Running the latest macOS version means that your system is not missing potential security patches and it has the latest features and performance improvements.

Some Mac owners are reluctant to update the OS because it takes too long to download and install. However, this kind of approach is not the best, particularly if one wants to enjoy video games without worrying about FPS drops and stuttering. Thus, even if you need to spend some time on it, as soon as a new macOS update is out, you should install it at your earliest convenience.

Method #5 – Remove Dust and Get a Cooling Pad

The filth that accumulates inside the Macbook causes it to overheat, not to mention how much of a toll it is on the internal fans. A loud noise you hear can get out of hand quite fast.

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Besides removing the dust inside the laptop regularly, you should also invest in a cooling pad. The accessory is quite cheap, and it can do wonders for your Macbook’s hardware.

Method #6 – Add New Hardware

Speaking of hardware, some Macbook models are compatible with additional hardware. Even if it can get quite expensive, people with a budget can upgrade their computers. Some of the most popular hardware changes include replacing hard drives with solid-state drives, adding extra RAM, and even buying an external graphics processing unit.

It is worth mentioning that if you are not in a hurry, you could wait for a holiday season and purchase hardware that goes on sale. This way, you will save some money. 

Method #7 – Try Windowed Mode

As a rule of thumb, you should play video games in full-screen mode. Doing so means that the computer has to process only the video game instead of other backgrounds, such as the desktop.

On the other hand, if the video game resolution is not the same as your desktop, you may get a better experience playing in the windowed mode. Moreover, you will have fewer problems with switching tabs. 

Method #8 – Tinker With Game Settings

Last but not least, in-game settings. As previously mentioned, you should not expect to run AAA titles on ultra settings. Macbook hardware does not allow for that. 

Nevertheless, it does not mean that you cannot take advantage of available game settings. Tinker with multiple variations to find a setup that provides the best experience on your Macbook. Change the resolution, graphics quality, disable or enable various effects, lock FPS, and make other setting changes. 

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