Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarm?

Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarm

Do Not Disturb mode is available on every phone and device for communication. The Do Not Disturb mode is available to avoid being busy and don’t want to receive texts or calls.

This mode will instantly block calls and muffle notifications and alerts for different apps and texts. If you’re using this option, it is possible to are able to remain connected to your Wi-Fi connection or data connection.

This means you are able to use your phone to work without any distractions like calls, alerts, or messages.

Notifications of such calls, notifications as well as text message notifications will remain on your phone. So you will be able to easily access them later on when you switch to General mode. General mode.

To activate this mode, you must move your finger down and then go to Quick Settings. In Quick Settings, you’ll see the option to turn off Do not disturb.

Click here to activate click on this, and the DND mode will automatically turn on.

There’s been many questions related with this feature. This blog will help we’ll be able to determine if the modes will alter the ringing that your alarm.

We will also look at how this affects iPhone as well as Android mobile phones, separately.

Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarms In Android?

Do not disturb feature on Android phones doesn’t disable alarms. So, if you’ve activated this mode however, your alarms may be heard.

In Android the alarm will sound however, it will remain quiet. This means that you’ll receive an alert that the alarm is ringing, however your phone will not make any noise.

It is not the same as the iPhone and could make users confused. However, this feature can be customized on the mobile phone, which means you can create an exception to allow your alarms to sound. It is easy to remove your alarm program to be in the silent setting.

With this exemption allows you to hear the alarm ring even when the”do not disturb” mode is turned to.

1. Go to Settings

To activate this option of exclusion for your alarms application, you must follow the steps below:

Touch the screen on your Android phone and choose your Settings application.

2.Go To Do Not Disturb

Look for the option “Do not disturb” option in the settings menu. Select this option and launch the Do Not Disturb settings.

3.Choose Accept Exceptions

Select the option “Allow exceptions” within the settings for Do Not Disturb. A list of options will show on the screen, for which you can choose to make an exception to the do not disturb setting. This includes calls and alarms, as well as media sounds texts, and other messages.

4.Select Alarm

From this, choose an alarms that include it in the exceptions.

If you follow this procedure the alarm will sound and will also emit sounds or noises. It’s not a problem now that you have an Android mobile phone is running the do not disturb option disabled.

Instead of simply notifying you your alarm will sound when the time it was scheduled.

Does Not Disturb Block Alarms In iPhone?

The Do not disturb mode on iPhone doesn’t stop alarms from being ringing. This mode can be utilized to schedule calls, alerts, as well as messages sent via text and doesn’t affect alarms that are set on the iPhone.

If you enable this feature it will not emit any sound or vibrate, ring or flash the screen.

To enable this feature on your iPhone You must navigate to the Settings menu and then turn on the General Mode to Do Not disrupt.

It won’t impact on your alarms set and they’ll sound and ring as before when the mode is on.

Your iPhone will lock automatically if you don’t interact with the screen for more than a moment, and will remain locked in the Don’t disturb feature. Your alarm will not be activated in the event that your phone is switched off.

Although the ringer button is turned off or switched to silence the alarm will still be ringing. Do not disturb will have no effect on it in any way.

There’s an exception to this. If you’re a fan of an older version of the iPhone and you are a user of an older version, you will need to permit notification to the alarms app if it doesn’t disrupt.

Similar to Android devices, on earlier versions of iPhones it is possible to only be able to view the notification, but not be able to hear the alarm sound. This isn’t the case with iPhone 15 and upwards versions.

When will my alarm go off on Don’t Disturb?

Yes, your alarm will go off when you are in”do not disturb setting as well. If you’re using Android phones your phone will not sound, however, you will get an alert of the alarm sounding across the screen.

Contrary to this, when you use iOS devices, you’ll be capable of hearing the alarm ringing, and make an sound.

To prevent this from happening it is necessary to make sure your alarm is on. Many people switch their phones into the Do not disturb feature at night and then wonder if the alarm will be ringing at the time of waking. This assures users that yes, your alarms will sound.

The switch to this mode will help you conserve battery, and allow your phone to get a bit of sleep at night, while making it easier to use the following day.

When you’re in your Do Not Disturb setting, your messages, alerts, phone texts and calls are saved to be used later. If you change your phone to General mode it will automatically be capable of accessing these.

Does Not Disturb Block Alarms On Apple Watch?

It is true that the Do not disturb feature does not prevent alarms from being triggered in the Apple watch. There are many scenarios where your watch may not ring when an alarm sounds, however not disturbing isn’t one of the most common. It doesn’t impact the alarms.

In the event that the wearable is set to silent mode, and it isn’t charging, the notification for the alarm’s ringing will appear, and it won’t make the sound.

However, if it is silent enabled however the watch is charged, then the alarm will ring and sound.

Do not disturb mode that you have on the Apple watch will end any notifications that are general. The settings for those modes will appear displayed by your wristwatch in purple and red colours if they are turned activated, and change to grey when they are off.

Does the Do Not Disturb Button block alarms?

The do not disturb mode does not prevent your alarms from being triggered. Alarms will sound off at the scheduled time, even the mobile phone is set to Do not disturb setting.

This mode will only disable or silence the general notification for calls, alerts texts, alerts, etc. When this mode is turned off, the phone will not vibrate, ring or blink to notify you.

In the future, when you go back to General Mode, then you will be able to examine the notifications saved for you.

Do You Still Get Alarms On Do Not Disturb?

Yes, you can receive alarms in Do not disturb feature as well. However, there are times that your alarm won’t be able to ring or display the message. A few of them are described below:

  1. If your mobile is turned off, it is in the do not disturb mode, it is possible to turn off the phone.
  2. For Androids the user will receive a notification of the alarm sounding. Your phone won’t be able to make any sound or ring to inform you. To get you phone vibrate, it is necessary to accept notification from an alarms app and also make the exception. To accomplish it, you must follow the steps that was mentioned above.
  3. For iPhones phones, your phone will sound an alarm when it is activated. Only in the older versions of iPhones are you required to use the same method that Androids use to allow your alarm to sound while in do not disturb mode.


“Do not disturb” mode will not alter the alarm notifications on your mobile. It will only block inbound calls, alerts, as well as other notifications and texts from all applications.

This mode doesn’t affect the application of alarms.

The whole procedure differs slightly with respect to iPhones as well as Androids. Androids do not sound or sound any alarm when an alarm is set off in the do not disturb mode.

While iPhones do not ring. For Androids you must modify the settings in order for it to sound loud.