Does Safeway Take Apple Pay?

Does Safeway Take Apple Pay

Apple Inc. is one of the top consumer brand product companies globally and has a vibrant ecosystem that consumers enjoy. Since 2014, Apple has been developing its payment standard called Apple Pay which makes payment easier for any IOS user.

Safeway is an American supermarket chain that operates stores under the banners of Safeway, Vons, Albertsons, Pavilions, and Fred Meyer. It has been serving grocery and general merchandise in more than 60 states, Canada, Mexico, and United Kingdom.

Does Safeway Use Apple Pay?

No, Safeway does not take Apple Pay. They do not accept Apple Pay as a payment method at their retail stores or online. However, you can make in-app purchases using Apple Pay in the Safeway official app.

Final Thoughts-

So you got to know that Apple Pay at Safeway. Paying online at Safeway stores make it more easy to take the services. Digital waller revolution made purchasing damn easy in this world. 

Apple Pay is a safer payment method as compared to cash and cards. It avoids the unnecessary hassle of carrying too many cards. It significantly speeds up their check-out lines and reduces dependence on cash.