Download Fish VPN for PC Windows (XP/7/8/10) & Mac

Fish VPN is an unlimited free VPN and proxy service available for the android operating system. You can download Fish VPN directly from the Google play store if you own an android device. In current times, a VPN is more than just a service. You need a reliable VPN service while browsing the internet to keep yourself secure and anonymous. Otherwise, your IP address can be traced to your geolocation for various devious purposes. In this article, we will tell you how to secure your PC browsing by downloading Fish VPN For PC. Make sure you read the article carefully to install Fish VPN on your PC without any problem. 

What is Fish VPN?

Fish VPN for PC Windows

If you have searched for a VPN application for android, you might have come across hundreds of different applications where each app something special to offer. You might find a few applications that are completely free and provide you with a ton of features. Fish VPN is one such application. It is 100% free to use VPN service along with a built in proxy servers. With Fish VPN you can’t just only surf the web anonymously, but also encrypt your data traffic so that even if your traffic history is leaked, it will be secured. You can easily access blocked content from all over the globe by simply turning on the VPN application and select your preferred region.

Here are some more features of Fish VPN:

  • One of the most easy-to-use VPN application from the Google play store.
  • Your privacy is protected. There will not be any logs of your actions.
  • You do not need to create an account or sign up for any service to use Fish VPN.
  • Access any website from the globe.
  • High speed proxy servers and VPN.
  • You can use VPN for VOIP as well
  • There is no trial period. The application is completely free to use.
  • There is no bandwidth limitation and neither any time barricade. 

Fish VPN For PC?

As you already know, VPN set up on a PC is a bit tedious procedure. In many cases, you have to go through a lengthy setup procedure to activate the VPN properly. Even after that, not all VPN services are available for completely free. You either have to pay a premium fee or suffer a bandwidth allocation or speed barrier. But, if you choose Fish VPN For PC, you will not have to worry about any of these problems. You can get the same one click activation on your computer just like your smartphone. Unfortunately, Fish VPN has not been developed for the Windows operating system. Hence, you will have to run Fish VPN via an android emulator. An android emulator will allow you to run any android app or game on your PC without any problem. 

To download Fish VPN For PC, follow these steps:

1. Download an android emulator from this link: BlueStacks – Not Another Android Emulator – 6x Faster Than Any Phone.

android emulator

2. Now, download and install the emulator on your Windows PC.

3. Once it is installed, click on the desktop icon to run the emulator.


4. Here, you will see a similar interface like an android smartphone.

5. Now, open the Google play store by clicking on the play store icon on the homepage.

google play store

6. Here, you will have to log in via your Google account credentials. Either log in or create a new google account. 

7. Once you have logged in, look for Fish VPN in the search bar.

look for Fish VPN

8. Click on the top result to open the download page for Fish VPN.

9. Here, you can click on the “Install” button to download and install the Fish VPN For PC.

install fish vpn on pc

10. That’s it. That’s all you have to do to get Fish VPN on your Windows PC. 

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