The Wizard Could Not Start Microphone Windows 10

Many users have faced the “The wizard could not start microphone” error on Windows 10. It generally appears when you are trying to set up your microphone for the first time via Windows 10 ease of access service or the Windows 10 control panel. It can also occur if your …

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Windows 10 Resolution Problem 1024×768

Device Manager

Windows 10 does not allow you to set a higher screen resolution than 1024 × 768? Is the image stretched out on the monitor or laptop? No widescreen permissions to choose from? Do not worry, this can be fixed. Windows 10 updates include not only system components and new features, …

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Windows Rollback Loop After Windows 10 Update (Fix)

In previous versions of Windows, this could require a complete reinstall. Thanks to how Windows 10 was developed, the reboot cycle can be resolved relatively quickly. Here’s how to fix the Windows 10 boot loop and start up your computer or laptop in minutes. Read: How to Fix BOOTMGR Is …

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How To Fix M7111-1931-404 Netflix Error

Fix M7111-1931-404 Netflix Error

Netflix is ​​a popular streaming service that provides its customers with access to a large library of movies and TV shows. This service can be accessed from virtually any computing device connected to the Internet. Mobile devices, such as Android and iOS phones can access the service using a special …

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Windows 10 taskbar Not Hiding In Fullscreen Fix

turn on hide taskbar

In Windows 10, you may encounter a problem where even with the automatic hiding of the taskbar enabled, it does not disappear. This can be especially unpleasant when using full-screen applications or while playing games. Often, when you open a video file in full-screen mode, the taskbar remains visible and …

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