What Does The Eye Symbol 👀 Mean On Snapchat Story?


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This article we’ll talk about the Eyes symbol in Snapchat story.

What Does the Eye Symbol Meaning On Snapchat Story?

When you post to Snapchat Story, Eyes symbol refers to how many people viewed your Snaps that you posted in My Story, Private Stories and Shared Stories.

Basically, the eyes symbol signifies the rewatch indicator and is displayed after the rewatcher or friends have watched the video (as as long as the Story contains multiple views)

There will be the number next to your eyes that will tell you the number of friends who have viewed your Snap and not the number of times the Snap has been reviewed.

For example, two friends watched your snap again. One of them watched 4 times while the another friend watched it seven times.

The number will only be displayed 2 beside the eyes emoticons.

To see if someone has watched a Story you’ve shared, click it and swipe upwards .

Other Important Information:

  • The only Snapchat Plus users can access their eyes on Snapchat.
  • The number that appears next to the eyes emoji shows the number of friends who have watched your Story but not the total amount of times it’s been watched.
  • The Rewatch Indicator will not indicate which friends rewatched your story. It will only show the count.

How do I turn off/on Eyes (Rewatch Indicator) on Snapchat?

Methods for Turning On/Off Eyes (Rewatch Indicator) on Snapchat:

Step 1.Go on to the Snapchat Profile.

Step 2. Hit the Snapchat+ Membership Card in the upper right.

Step 3.Toggle on/off Story Rewatch Count according to.