FiOS TV on Apple TV: How to Get and Watch 

People have now acquired the habit of consuming content online. The services are many, and they offer you content on demand. For instance, the FiOS TV offers you access to the video content on the Internet. There are loads of streaming platforms, but we will talk about the FiOS TV, and how to watch FiOS TV on the Apple TV. 

About FiOS TV

FiOS TV on Apple TV How to Get and Watch 

The FiOS TV service is offered by Verizon. It’s an online streaming service that offers live TV, top shows, movies, sports, on-demand content, and a lot more. It’s available for all ages, so if you’re looking for something for your kids, it can be a great choice. The DVR is a must-have feature, and you can bookmark it for future viewing. This is an excellent way to enjoy your favorite shows when you’re away from home. You can watch it in any location or on any device, which means you don’t need to miss any of your favorite shows.

Subcription Plans

The company offers several subscription packages to their customers and they can customize the services they get. FiOS TV offers different plans ranging from 150 to 425+ channels. The exciting part of the service is that users can have their own personalized channel lineup.

  • FiOS TV Test Drive plan has more than 425 channels in just $56/month.
  • Your FiOS TV plan offers more than 150 channels in just $56/month.
  • More FiOS TV plan offers more than 300 channels in just $76/month.
  • The Most FiOS TV plan offers more than 425+ channels for $96/month.

How to Add FiOS TV on Apple TV

There is no support for FiOS TV on Apple TV. but It is available on other iOS devices. If you want to watch and use FiOS TV on Apple TV, you can look for the alternate option of screen mirroring / AirPlay.

AirPlay FiOS TV on Apple TV

1. Use the AppStore to install the FiOS TV App on your phone.

2. Then, Open the FiOS TV App.

3. You have to sign in with your credentials into FiOS TV app.

4. You should be able to see that you have connected your Apple TV to the same network as your iPad/iphone.

5. The Control center is where you have to go now in your iPhone/iPad.

6. Go to the screen mirroring and click it.

screen mirror option

7. Your device searches for devices using AirPlay.

searches for device airplay

8. Your iOS device will show you the devices list.

9. You can choose your Apple TV.

10. After a few moments, you can see that your Apple TV- connected TV will show your iOS device’s screen.

11. If you want to watch a program on your Apple TV, you need to open the FiOS TV App on your iPhone/iPad.


There are a few things that must be remembered if you’re thinking about signing up for FiOS TV. The first thing you should realize is that the available streaming content will vary based on the device you use to stream the service.

Apart from this, there are no other major issues in streaming FiOS TV. Hopefully, you were able to find your way through to the FiOS TV on Apple TV. Be with us for more such amazing content. 

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