Fix: Black DMs/ Message Instagram

Fix Black DMs Message Instagram

Instagram is a renowned social media application that has generated quite an acclaim in the world of online. There are over one billion users on Instagram at present.

Do you notice that your Instagram DMs being blacked out. If so, you’re not all alone. On the Internet there are a lot of Instagram users who are facing the same problem.

They Instagram DMs text is blacked out. This means DMs or DMs aren’t visible to them. All they can see is a the black stripe on DMs.

Instagram users are annoyed with this message that is blacked out. They’re unable to communicate.

In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why Instagram messages are black and the solution is.

What is Black DM Meaning on Instagram? What’s the reason why my Instagram DMsor Messages Black? How to fix Instagram DMsor Messages Black Issue? Solution 1: Verify that Instagram is not working or not fixed. Fix 2. Have you recently upgraded your Instagram App with the latest version of InstagramFix 3. Turn on the Dark Mode feature in InstagramFix 4. It could be a bug from InstagramFix 5. Get in touch with Instagram Support TeamConclusion

What does the black DM text Signify on Instagram?

The black DMor Message text on Instagram signifies that you aren’t capable of seeing DMs text on Instagram. The only thing you are able to see the Black strip that appears on the DMs text.Source:

Some Instagram user who is receiving this black stripe on DMs text is just for DMs sent by the sender DMs and some Instagram users who are getting this black stripe on DMs text only has it for the DMs that they sent . Others Instagram user who is getting this black strip of DMs text is meant for both their DMs which they have sent and the sender.Source:

Why do my Instagram DMs/Messages Black?

It is possible that your Instagram DMs message is in black, or it’s because of one of the following reasons:

  • The most recent update for Instagram App
  • The Instagram servers are down
  • There’s a glitch in the Instagram that is specific to DMs.

How do I fix Instagram DMsor black message issue on Instagram?

Fix 1: Verify that Instagram is up or down.

Check first if Instagram is down or is it. Check the whether or not the Instagram server by using the the down detection.

You’ll learn about Instagram downtime in the past 24 hours.

If the Instagram servers are down,, you’ll need to wait until Instagram server is up.

2. Did you update your Instagram App to the most recent version?

There is a chance that a bug was introduced in the most recent Instagram version. Instagram and you upgraded to most recent version.

If that’s the situation it means that Instagram recognizes the problem and will fix it with the next update.

Keep an eye out for the latest version of the Instagram App and then update it, the problem will be fixed.

Fix 3. Switch ON Dark Mode on Instagram

Instagram users discovered a way to read and talk to Instagram messagesand DMs, by turning off dark mode within the Instagram App. If you enable dark mode, your messages will be read-only.

To fix the black message/DMs issue on Instagram you can turn on dark mode by selecting Settings> > Settings > Display and Lighting > > Dark.

If this issue is solved, you can turn off darkness mode in Instagram.

4. Fix 4: Could be a Bug from Instagram

Black DMs text issues could be a bug in the Instagram backend. If that is the case, then you can either sit back or inform the Instagram team.

Wait for this issue to be resolved by Instagram side. We are unable to do anything on our side.

Fix 5. Contact Instagram Support Team

If you suspect that you are experiencing a you have a black DM text is causing problems, and the only two of your Facebook friends or another Instagram user not experiencing this problem, then you should contact Instagram the Support Team.

Steps to reach the Instagram Team Support:

1. Open the Instagram App

2. Click the Profile Picture to open your profile

3.Tap in the upper right corner of the screen at 3 horizontal lines

4.Tap the Settings tab. Settings

5. Click on the bottom of this page and scroll down to Help

6. Hit to report a problem

7. Then, you must follow the instructions on screen and describe your issue “Black Text in DMs or Messages “. Write your issue in detail.

8. Click on Send Report

Give it a few days or it could be longer. The issue will be solved.


Instagram Messages and DMs text has returned typically due to the fact that or Instagram servers are down or there’s an issue with Instagram that is specific for Instagram DMs or due to the the latest version of Instagram App.

It is only possible to wait until Instagram side as they fix bugs within the app. Or if the server is down, then wait until Instagram’s server is up.

If you are experiencing issues with the Instagram App’s latest version. You can wait for an update to the app and update the Instagram App to the most recent version.

Contact the Instagram Support team in the event that you believe you are the only one who are experiencing this issue, but others in your circle are don’t have the same issue.