Fix: Can’t Add Someone On Snapchat 


Snapchat is the most convenient method to give their status update using pictures.

Snapchat has taken over the world in which people send pictures to each other to share all the joy and even boredom with their loved ones.

To be capable of sending snaps to others, you need to connect people to your account.

You can add people applying their snap number, phone number , or by searching their account’s name.

Why can’t you add someone to Snapchat?

The reason you’re able to join someone on Snapchat is because they’ve blocked your account on Snapchat or there’s an error within the system that isn’t permitting you to add them as friends.

The primary reason behind not being able add anyone to Snapchat is if you’re blocked.

If you’re certain that you’ve not been blocked, there is a chance of experiencing system issues such as the Snapchat server not working or glitches within Snapchat.

How to Repair “Can’t add someone to Snapchat”?

If you want to fix the problem of not being able add someone to Snapchat the first step is to make sure that the other user does not block you. If the other user has blocked you, you can’t join them on your Snapchat.

To resolve the issue of not being able to add someone to Snapchat the issue, you must repair the system’s errors.

1. Determine If Snapchat Server is Down

The add person option may not be accessible for you on your Snapchat account because it’s possible that Snapchat’s servers Snapchat are inaccessible and are not functioning.

To verify the server, you can seek help from websites available online, such as the down detector. Go to these websites and type in Snapchat.

It can take a long time to present the results in a graphic representation. If the graph displays huge upwards, the app has a problem.

Fix 2: Discard Cache Data

Errors such as unable to add someone to Snapchat that has a face is caused by the accumulation of cache information.

Cleaning your cache data could help you correct the issue of not being able to join a person on Snapchat. To clean out cache data, you need to open the app manager on your smartphone.

Choose Snapchat to reveal its information section. Select the “i” symbol, and then choose clear data.

Similar to the IOS devices, you’ll be required to remove the content of Snapchat Snapchat to storage on the iPhone storage.

Solution 3: Remove And Install Snapchat Once More

After trying the methods above If you’re still having no solution and aren’t able to add someone to Snapchat You should try uninstalling Snapchat before downloading it once more to your phone.

Uninstalling can help fix numerous issues because the version you download will be completely free of the bugs.

Fix 4. Get in touch with Snapchat Customer Support. Snapchat Customer Service

If none of the fixes for not being able to add someone on Snapchat works, you should get in touch with Snapchat Customer Support.

This allows them to assist you if there’s a specific issue that is affecting your account.

Furthermore, the advice given via Snapchat customer support team will offer certainty of fixing the issue.

What Should What Do You do If Don’t Add Someone to Snapchat?

If you’re unable to join a person to Snapchat You must first confirm that you’re not being blocked by that person.

Contact them to inquire if they been blocked or have not. If they are not blocking you, you are likely to find that the issue is due to an issue with the system, such as the release of new software or bugs to the system and server issues. In order to fix the system issues it is recommended to test the fixes listed above.

Are You able to add someone To Snapchat If They’ve Blocked You?

It is not possible to add someone to Snapchat when they have blocked you. If someone blocks you on Snapchat it makes them invisible to you.

If you’re blocked, you won’t locate the person who blocked you, no matter how you look for them.

The blocking feature in Snapchat guarantees that the blocked user is unable to make contact with another person via the app.

Can you add someone on Snapchat without them knowing?

It isn’t feasible to join someone else to Snapchat without their consent. This isn’t feasible due to the fact that it is difficult adding a person to Snapchat.

You’ll need to make the request. Requests can be made via scan code, the phone number or by searching for username.

If any of these steps are performed to add the user to Snapchat the person will be sent an alert.

So there’s no way to can add someone to Snapchat without their knowledge.

Can You Re-Add someone on Snapchat?

Yes, you are able to re-add anyone on Snapchat who you’ve intentionally or in error deleted from your account.

To add someone else to Snapchat You must search for them using the search bar for adding friends. In this search bar, you must enter their username in order to search for them.

If you type in an correct user name, you’ll discover that profile for your buddy. Select Add friend, and you’re done.

Can You Add Someone to Snapchat Through a Phone Number?

Yes you can add people to Snapchat using their phone number. To connect with someone using their number, you need to open your Snapchat and click on add friends.

When you are in the add friends section the add friends section, you must hit the telephone book button in order to open your contacts. Once you open your contacts, you’ll be able to see who is accessible on Snapchat.

Locate the person you want to add them as a friend, and join your account by entering the number on their phone.

Why can’t you add someone to Snapchat After Blocking them?

Blocking is the feature intended to stop all communication with the person who has been blocked.

If you’ve blocked an individual on Snapchat but you are not be able to locate them in the app.

To let the user be friends, you must join them as a friend. First, you must remove them from the blockage.

After unlocking them, you need to follow the procedure of adding them back into the account you have created on Snapchat. Snapchat account.

Why can’t you add Someone to Snapchat If they’re not blocked?

The reason you can’t join someone on Snapchat even if they’re not blocked is due to server problems.

To test the server, we’ve provided three solutions in this article. Use them to make sure you have a clean history of your cache and that the Snapchat server isn’t down and there aren’t bugs with the application.

After examining the server issue, if you believe that the issue is still there the possibility that another person could be blocking you.

If there is no solution, you need to get in touch with the customer support of Snapchat.


Snapchat is about sharing with your followers what you’re doing with just a 10 second snap. If you’re eager to share this, but are unable to connect with your friends, then we’re here to assistance.

There is a chance that you’re unable to add someone to your list because they’ve blocked your account or because of a persistent server issue for Snapchat.

To resolve the server issue To fix the server issue, first determine if the server used by Snapchat is not working for the majority of users , or not.

You can then check if the cache data has been cleaned by Snapchat as well. If you’ve not upgraded your application, then you are able to uninstall and install your Snapchat once more.

If your issue persists, you should contact customer support to assist you in the event of a specific issue that is related to your account.