Fix CD or DVD Drive not Reading Discs in Windows 10

Fix CD or DVD Drive not Reading Discs in Windows 10 (1)

Even though CDs and DVDs are storage devices of the past, there are still used by a lot of people to this date. While you can use the CD or DVD drive of your computer without any issues in older versions of Windows like Windows 7, but the same cannot be said for the latest Microsoft Windows 10. Many Windows 10 users have experienced issues while using the CD or DVD drives in their computer where the CDs and DVDs are not working. And today in this article we will be taking you through all of the possible fixes for this issue and how can fix CD or DVD Drive not reading discs in Windows 10.

What causes Issues with Optical Disk Drive in Windows 10?

Those of you who have recently updated to Windows 10 and are facing issues with CD or DVD drive of your computer, might be wondering about the causes of this error. Since the hardware of your computer hasn’t changed, such an error in Window 10 can be caused due to many possible reasons. For most users, this error exists due to things like corrupted or outdated drivers, improper Windows 10 update, changed BIOS settings, etc. And so to successfully fix this problem and make the optical disk drive make work again, you can try out several possible fixes for Windows 10.

How to Fix CD or DVD Drive not Reading Discs in Windows 10?

Fix CD or DVD Drive not Reading Discs in Windows 10 (1)

For those of you who are having issues while reading CDs and DVDs in your Windows 10 PC, the first you should try is to check for any possible hardware failures. This includes things like making sure the disk drive is properly working and it is properly connected to the motherboard of your computer. But if you have already checked these things then you have to troubleshoot this issue via Windows 10 itself. This includes multiple possible software fixes via Windows 10 and make sure to go through all of the given fixes one by one in order to successfully get rid of the CD or DVD Drive not reading discs in Windows 10:

Solution 1: Update Optical Disk Drive Drivers via Device Manager in Windows 10

The drivers in Windows 10 are responsible for handling all of the hardware devices available to your computer and this also includes the optical disk drive. In other words, the driver for the CD or DVD drive is also responsible for the proper functioning of the drive. And if due to some reason these drivers are outdated or corrupted, Windows 10 will not be able to read discs via the CD or DVD drive in Windows 10. If this same issue exists in your Windows 10 computer then you need to update the CD or DVD drive from the device manager in Windows 10 by following these instructions:

  • Press Windows Key + X on your keyboard and select Device Manager from this list.

open device manager

  • Once you are inside the Windows Device Manager, expand DVD/CD-ROM Drives.

expand DVDCD-ROM Drives

  • After that right-click on the disk drive device in here and select Update after which you have to select Search automatically for updated driver software.

search driver online

  • Doing so will update the driver of the disk drive of your Windows 10 fixing any issues with it while reading CDs or DVDs.

Solution 2: Enable CD or DVD Drive via BIOS in your Computer

BIOS of a computer is responsible for loading the operating system of your computer as well as for handling settings related to it. Apart from that, it can also be used to enable or disable storage and network devices connected to your PC. These storage devices also include the optical disk drive of your computer which means that if it is disabled in BIOS, you’ll face the CD or DVD drive not reading discs in Windows 10 error. In such a case you have to go into the BIOS of your computer and re-enable the CD/DVD drive as shown down below:

  • To enter the BIOS setup of your computer, restart it via the start menu and press delete repeatedly once you’re on the boot screen.
  • Now that you are inside the BIOS, using the on-screen instructions go to to the tab which contains all of the storage devices connected to do your device.
  • Finally, make sure that the CD or DVD drive connected to your PC is enabled and press F10 to save these settings and exit to Windows 10.

We hope that you’ve successfully fixed the CD or DVD drive not reading discs error in your Windows 10 PC. We are pretty sure that at least one of the fixed mentioned above has worked for you and you’re not facing the optical disk drive not working error on your computer. In case you liked this article, then make sure to share it on social media. If you have any doubts regarding any of the solutions, feel free to ask any queries in the comments section below.



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