How to Get ESPN plus on Vizio Smart TV?

How to Get ESPN plus on Vizio Smart TV
How to Get ESPN plus on Vizio Smart TV?

ESPN is the popular sports channel. It provides you live streaming of sports events, news and much more. You can also enjoy live games from all over the world. In addition to this, you can watch your favorite shows and movies as well.

If you have Vizio Smart Tv in your home, and want to install ESPN Plus app on it, Then follow the guide given below:-

What are the functions of ESPN APP?

To conclude, here are some of the main features of ESPN APP:-

• Live Streaming: The app allows you to stream live sports, events and much more.

• Watch Shows and Movies: The app has a large collection of shows and movies. You can watch them whenever you want.

• Watch Live Games: If you want to watch live sports, then the app will help you out.

• Latest News: The app provides you with the latest news about the sports world.

• Sports: You can also watch sports events like cricket, tennis, football and many more.

What are the Features of ESPN APP?

That is why the app is called ESPN plus:-

• Live Scores: You can easily get live scores of the sports events.

• Fantasy Games: The app has fantasy games for all the sports.

• Notifications: You can receive notifications for the latest updates.

• App Store: You can download apps from the app store.

• Rewards: You can earn rewards for watching ads and completing tasks.

• Weather: You can check the weather forecast and much more.

• Other: There are many other features available in the app.

Now, let’s move on to the steps to install ESPN Plus app on Vizio Smart Tv.

How to Install ESPN on Vizio Smart TV using USB Drive?

1. First of all, user needs to get a ESPN apk file from a trusted source. 

2. then user needs to transfer this apk file to the USB drive

3. Now Plug the usb drive to Vizio Smart Tv. 

4. Now open up the “My files app” on the Vizio Smart TV.

5. Now locate the ESPN apk file and “Install” it. 

6. Now you can launch the app. 

Now you can use the installed app on the Vizio smart Tv. 

How To Install Espn App On Vizio Smart Tv Using App Store?

1. First, turn on the Vizio Smart TV

2. Now connect the Vizio Smart Tv to the active Wifi connection in the premise. 

3. Now you need to click on the “V” button on the TV remote.

4. Now you can access the app bar

5. Now you should open the app store in your Vizio TV. 

6. Now user should press the “ok” button to launch the app store.

7. Now select the ESPN app. 

8. Hilightlight the ESPN app in TV screen and press “OK“.

9. Then you should press the “Install app” button. 

10. Then press the “OK” button to confirm the installation. 

Now you should be able to use the app on your Vizio Smart TV. 

How To Cast Espn Plus On Vizio Smart Tv Using Smartcast?

1. You can use Android or iOS device to smartcast on Vizio Smart Tv. 

2. Now install the ESPN app on your Android or iOS device. 

3. Now install the Vizio Smartcast app on the Android or iOS device. 

4. Meantime, please turn on the Vizio smart TV.

5. Now launch the ESPN app on your Android or iOS device. 

6. Now Tap on the “cast icon” showing on the top of the screen. 

7. Now select the name of your Vizio Smart TV.

Now you can see your device screen with ESPN app on the Vizio Smart TV.

How To Access The Espn Plus Service On Espn App?

1. First of all, you need to install the ESPN app on the available device. 

2. Now log into the ESPN app with active subscription. 

3. Update the app before you use. 

4. You should see the ESPN+ on the screen. 

5. Click on the ESPN+.

6. Now select a video which is available on the ESPN_.

7. Now the app will be notifying us to “subscribe to the ESPN+ Service”.

8. Step: The user can sign in using the existing ESPN ID or create a new account.

Thus, you can access ESPN+ service on the ESPN App. 


In order to watch ESPN Plus you must have a subscription to the ESPN Plus service. After that, you can access the ESPN Plus Service on the ESPN app.

In this article, the users are provided with some of the easiest ways to use the ESPN on the Vizio Smart TV.

The simplest method that I consider installing through the app store. Apart from it, the user can also install the ESPN app on Vizio smart TV using USB cable and Smartcast the device with Vizio Smart TV is also an option to watch the ESPN on the Vizio smart tv.