How To Reduce Latency in Internet Connection

How To Reduce Latency in Internet Connection

Latency can be a big problem for everyone who are using the internet regularly. Among all, the people who will be effected most due to latency are gamer’s. Due to this latency people regularly faces losing connection as well as experiences delays with their internet server.  However, low latency is most important thing while playing games. Here, low latency means there are reduced chances of network delay or connection loss and providing reliable and strong network connection. Hence, low latency is most prominent thing in games as the small delay causes death or laying back in the game. Most of the times, a wired connection will give low latency and reduces or eliminates the possibilities of lag. There are any queries regarding reducing latency like How to reduce latency on Xbox one, how to reduce latency in network, and many other. Initially, we will know what is latency and later we will look into some of the solutions on How to reduce latency in internet connection.

What is Latency, Ping And Lag?


Latency will be measures in milliseconds and that indicates quality of the internet connection within the network. The latency of 100 ms or less is considered as ok for gaming. However, the latency between 20 ms to 40 ms is optimal.


Delay is the another term of lag and this will occur due to the high latency. The low band width, low processing power of server, or any packet loss will cause lag.


Ping is the signal test that is conducted by the network constantly for measuring latency. Here, the network send ping message and that will measure the speed it has taken from origin to destination & back again. If it gets the lower number that would be better. The lower number indicates that the travel time is faster, so this finalizes the latency is low.

Causes Of Latency

The latency and bandwidth are dependent more on the internet connection. However, the internet connection is mainly affected due to the remote server’s location, network hardware, routers of internet between server and computer. The packet will not travel instantly through routers. Here, each router has a packet that has to travel with a delay of few milliseconds. This also add up when the packet has to travel many routers to reach other side of world.

Mainly, the four causes that affects latency time are explained in detail below.

Transmission Mediums: The fiber optic or WAN cables contains some limitations and those will affect latency. This is not any other issue but due to the nature of the cables.

Propagation: The propagation is the time taken to travel from one to another source (at speed of light).

Routers: Here, router takes time to analyze information of the packet. In some of the cases it is the time taken to add information. For each and every hop the packet time taken from each router raises the latency time.

Storage Delays: The storage delays mainly occurs when the packet is accessed or stored that results a delay due to bridges & switches (intermediate devices).

The satellite internet connections will have high latency even the internet connection works at best conditions. For example, it takes around 500 to 700 ms for each packet to reach ISP (Internet Service Provider) through a satellite internet connection. If you are browsing a website hosted by other continent but you won’t notice latency issues in this situation. But while you live in California and browsing a game servers located in Europe, in this situation latency may be perceptible.

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How To Measure Latency

Here, you can know how to measure latency between the computer and a website using ping command.

  • Go to start button or click on Windows key from the keyboard.
  • Start typing command prompt and double-click on it to open it.

How To Reduce Latency in Internet Connection

  • After opening the command prompt start typing ping (You can choose any website as per your wish to know about latency time). After entering the website, click on enter button to execute the results. We have taken as all of we are familiar with this website.

How To Reduce Latency in Internet Connection

  • Now, we are going to try with a Chinese search engine baidu, type ping and click on enter button.

How To Reduce Latency in Internet Connection

  • If you try any of your local router, it responds much faster with less than 2 ms.
  • To check the latency of each router, type tracert (Instead of XXXX use any website address).

How To Reduce Latency in Internet Connection

Latency And Connections

Now, we can see how the latency and speed varies with different connections.

Cable Internet Connection (Low latency, High speed): When you click on a link on the web page. The web page will appear immediately as it downloads all at once.

Satellite Internet Connection (High Latency, High Speed): When you click on a link on the web page, it takes a noticeable delay and later starts downloading and shows all the contents at once.

Theoretical Connection (Low speed, Low Latency): When you click on a link on the web page, downloading starts immediately. But, it would take some time to load completely as images will load one by one.

How To Reduce Latency in Internet Connection

We have researched about the issues and finalized the below solutions to reduce latency in internet connection. If one of the solution didn’t work for you move on to the next solution as any of the solution will surely help to reduce latency in internet connection.

Reset Router

We have tried restarting the router but it didn’t work to fix the issue. But on resetting the router the latency is reduced. As our routers are set and used continuously for days without any refresh. So, on resetting it works with more speed, so the latency will be reduced.

Resetting router is a great idea, if you are facing too many lags while browsing or playing games.

  • You can see a reset button on the back port near to ports on the router. Press it and you are done.
  • This can take few minutes as our mobile takes while resetting, the time varies from modem to modem.
  • After completion of the reset, you have to enter the required details to connect modem to your system.

Update Router’s Firmware

Just like software updates, some of the company modems offers firmware update. This will increase speed, bandwidth & reduce latency. To update the router, you need some knowledge to know how to do it.

Use Wired Connection

If you are using a modem that works both for WiFi and wired connection. Go with wired connection to reduce the latency. When compared with wireless connection, wired connection has low latency. While playing online games, wired connection is the best way to play without any lags.

Bandwidth Intensive Programs

All the network connections will have limited bandwidth. The bandwidth mainly depends on your plan. If you limited plan you have to limit usage of internet access programs all at a once. In case, if you share the same internet connection with various devices also increases latency. On running bandwidth intensive programs also results in the raising of latency. You have to take care of all these things to reduce latency and to have high speed playing games or watching movies without any lags.

Disable Firewall

The system has the in-built firewall as well as some of the people uses antivirus software for protection. All these protection will filter out the incoming and outgoing network traffic. Most of the times this will not be a problem but some of the corruptions in the software takes more time that results in increase of the latency. You have to use only one firewall to protect your system. While using a antivirus software, disable the in-build system firewall.

Disabling Firewall in various antivirus software like avast and many other software are shown in the below figure.

How To Reduce Latency in Internet Connection

Note: Disabling antivirus in your system will cause protection issues. So, use either Antivirus or Windows firewall as per your wish. Don’t use turn on both as they cause latency issues.

Upgrade Router Or Internet Plan

If none of the above solutions worked for your system. Try to use the high speed internet plan as it may be the reason for the low latency. If you are using the high speed internet plan and still facing the issues. Then upgrade your router with a new version as it may resolve your issues.

Contact ISP (Internet Service Provider)

If nothing works and still facing the high latency issue, the fault is with your internet service provider. Contact them and they will resolve the issue.

Binding Thoughts

We hope that the information and solutions provided here in How To Reduce Latency in Internet Connection helped you to reduce latency. Still, are you facing issue or having any related to the topic? Get in touch in the comments section. If you have any queries related to the errors that you are facing in your system. We will refer those and will get back to you with the best solutions. We are always happy to help you.


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