Minecraft Windows 10 Not Updating

Minecraft Windows 10 Not Updating

At this point, almost everyone who likes to play games has heard about the game “Minecraft”. Minecraft is available on almost all gaming platforms such as Xbox, Windows, Playstation, iOS, Android and Oculus. Minecraft was released way back in May 2009. It had a decent amount of player base over the years, but it started declining around 2015. But, ever since Minecraft became popular in the meme community, everyone wanted to try it out and everyone’s been happy about it. Almost every single Youtuber or Twitch streamer gave Minecraft a spin. Minecraft got an all-time high active user-base in 2019, defeating games like PUBG and Counter-Strike. 

Minecraft is a relaxing game where you can chill on a Saturday afternoon. It is a survival PvE game where you spawn on a huge sandbox island with nothing. You have to start from zero and build your map as you please. The soothing music in the background is just cherry-on-top. As this game is based on a cubical-box like graphics, you can create almost any structure or monument that you desire. The only limit in this game is your imagination. This game is currently being sold for $29.99 USD on its official website Minecraft.net. But, you can avail of a trial version of the game for free and try it out before buying the game. 

Minecraft Not Updating In Windows 10?

Recently, after the release of Minecraft version 1.4, Many users have reported not being able to update Minecraft to the latest version. This is happening with only Windows 10 users at the moment. Minecraft keeps adding new stuff to their game which you should not be missing out on such as bees. In the latest version of Minecraft, the developers added a new element in the game which is the strongest element yet, even stronger than diamond(Netherite). It can be really frustrating for a Minecraft veteran to miss out on such epic updates. Therefore, We have gathered some of the fixes for this problem in this article. Make sure you follow each step carefully and your problem will be fixed in no time. Here are the solutions:

Solution #1: Try to update Minecraft from Windows Store

If you are unable to update Minecraft from the official website, you can try to update the game from the Windows store. To do that, follow the steps given below:

1. Press the “Windows Key” to open the start menu.

2. Type “Store” in the search bar.

3. “Microsoft store” will now pop-up in the search result. Click on it to open the Windows Store.

open the Windows Store

4. The Microsoft Store window will open now. 

5. Once you are in the Microsoft store, click on the Three-dots on the upper right corner on the screen. 

6. Now, select “Downloads and Updates” from the drop-down menu.

Downloads and Updates

7. Now, A new window will open in the Microsoft store. Here, you can see all the installed apps in your system. 

8. Click on the “Get Updates” button on top right to search and download the update.

Get Updates

9. Once you press the button, Microsoft store will automatically search for the latest version for your installed games and Apps (including Minecraft) and download it. 

10. Once the installation is completed, you will be prompted to launch the game. 

Solution #2: Reset Microsoft Store

If you are unable to update Minecraft from Microsoft store, you can try to reset the Microsoft Store by following the steps given below: 

1. Press “Windows Key+I” to open Windows settings.

2. Then, click on the “Apps” option.


3. This will open a page where you can see all of your installed applications.

4. In the search bar, type “Microsft Store”.

Microsft Store

5. Click on the Microsoft Store” app. This will expand it.

6. Now, select “Advanced options”.

Advanced options

7. After that, scroll down to the last part of the page where you will find the “Reset” section.

8. Here, you will see a “Reset” button. Click on it to reset your Microsoft Store.

reset your Microsoft Store

9. Once it is done, open the Microsoft store again. 

10. Put down your log-in credentials and press “Login”. 

11. Try to update Minecraft again from Microsoft Store. 

Solution #3: Try Updating Windows

Most of the time, problems related to updating can be fixed by updating the operating system (Windows 10). To update Windows 10, follow the steps given below:

1. Open Windows Settings by pressing “Windows key+I”.

2. Now, open the “Update and Security” section.

Update and Security

3. After that, click on the “Windows update” section on the left side of the screen.

Windows update

4. Now, You will be redirected to the Windows Update page. 

5. Click on the “Check for updates” buttons on top.

Check for updates

6. Windows will now check for the new OS updates and download them.

7. Once the updates are downloaded, Windows will prompt you to install the updates.

8. Make sure you have saved your progress before initializing the update as you will have to reboot the system for an update. 

9. Once the update is completed, Try to update Minecraft. 

Solution #4: Reset SoftwareDistribution Folder

1. The SoftwareDistribution folder is responsible for all the updates and installation-related processes in your system. To reset the SoftwareDistribution folder, follow these steps:

2. Open the start menu by pressing “Windows key”.

3. Now, type “Services” in the search bar.


4. After that, the “Services” app will be available in the results section.

5. Right-click on “Services” and select “Run as administrator” option from the drop-down menu.

5. Here, you can see the list of all active services in Windows 10. 

6. Find “Windows Update” in the list and right-click on it. 

7. From the options, select “Stop”.

select Stop

8. After that, open the Windows “File Explorer”. 

9. Navigate to the following path in the file explorer:

10. Now, find the “SoftwareDistribution” folder in the Windows folder and change its name.


11. Now, head back to the “Services” window and restart the Windows Update service.

12. Try to update Minecraft now. Your game should get an update after this. 

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