Not Enough Memory Resources Are Available To Process This Command

Microsoft’s operating system contains some minor flaws. Some users have come across the fact that there is not enough “Virtual memory” on the computer. The error code says “Not Enough Memory Resources Are Available To Process This Command”. This can be the first sign that the machine is running out of RAM. You can solve this problem by performing a few simple manipulations. But first, Let’s determine the cause of the problem.

When a user works with a computer, the system has to perform a series of operations and respond to requests and administrator commands. If the RAM is loaded, then the execution of the processes is difficult and gradually the computer freezes. Initially, the user sees that the program is not responding, and then an error pops up as mentioned above. This is to prevent data loss. Here it is important to learn to recognize the problem even at the first manifestations.

This can be an indicator that RAM is heavily loaded and causing a decrease in system performance. However, the computer does not yet signal a failure. This just avoids opening applications. This can be noticed when the user launches the program, but it does not open. If there is no response from the program for a long time, this indicates that the physical memory of the computer is full and there is a need for an upgrade.

Reasons Behind This Problem

Before we begin to fix the problem, we should identify some common causes that could provoke it. These factors include:

  • The simultaneous opening of 3 to 10 different applications or programs (depending on the resources consumed) will lead to the fact that the computer will not have enough memory to process the command and an error will pop up. This is the most common cause and can be solved by shutting down unused applications.
  • A limited amount of installed space. Because some programs require 4 or more Gigabytes of RAM for correct operation and the average 2 GB is not enough.
  • Overfilling of the hard drive. In this case, the user does not have enough free memory space for the correct automatic configuration and operation of the swap file.
  • Changing the size of the paging file. It is possible that the user previously tweaked with optimization or using a third-party application for these purposes. Therefore, the size was forcibly changed to insufficient for certain operations.
  • The effect of malicious or potentially dangerous programs.
  • Incorrect operation of the program.

In principle, these are, if not the only, then the main reasons against which the problem arises. Now we should move on to the solutions of this problem.

How To Fix “Not Enough Memory Resources Are Available To Process This Command” Error?

So, as we discussed earlier if there is not enough RAM on the computer, then you should try to fix the problem by opening a small number of applications at a time. This will save the user from losing personal information and increase the speed of the machine. The user must pay attention and remember those programs that consume a lot of resources. If you do not run them at the same time, the problem will disappear.

It is not always possible to solve the problem by following this method. Indeed, often people use heavy programs for work at the same time. The above solution is acceptable only at home, it cannot be implemented in the work environment. By following the instructions below, you will learn how to solve the problem in a matter of minutes.

Solution #1: Increase The Size Of The Swap File

If the problem appears systematically, you need to clear the virtual memory of the computer. This can be done through the Task Manager (By closing unused processes). Otherwise, the user will have to make adjustments to the size of the page file.

Note that if you adjust the size of this file, the problem will disappear. But it is highly possible that the computer will slow down. The system faster processes the information that is available in RAM if the swap file size is lower. If you increase the size of the swap file, the computer will read the information slowly. To make adjustments to the file size, follow the steps given below:

1. Hold down the “Windows Key+Pause/Break Key” on your keyboard.

2. After that, a dialog box will open. Here, go to the “Advanced” tab and open the performance settings.

Advanced tab

3. Here, we need to go to the “Advanced” tab where we have performance parameters. Click on the “Settings” button.

Click on the Settings button

4. Now, Click on the “Advanced” tab and click on the “Change” button in the “Virtual Memory” section.

Virtual Memory

5. At the very top, uncheck the box for automatic sizing and set the desired number yourself.

uncheck the box for automatic sizing and set the desired number yourself

6. If you do not know what parameters you need to specify regarding the size of the swap file in order to free up RAM on your computer, We will recommend that you choose the following options:

For standard work, Set 1.5 times of the total amount of RAM and for games, set at least 2 times.

Solution#2: Install An Additional RAM

This solution is recommended for those users who rarely encounter this problem. If you have constantly loaded RAM, it is best to put another cheap in the system.

Also, It is better to have a dual-channel ram rather than a single channel (i.e, Use 2 sticks of 2 GB rather than 1 stick of 4 GB).

Solution #3: Checking The Memory Consumed By The Program

When an error occurs during the operation of a certain program, it is necessary to check how much it consumes resources (RAM). If it is higher than expected, then a memory leak occurs. You can fix the problem with the RAM cleaning program. If you wish to do it manually, follow these steps:

1. First, determine the consuming application in the task manager.

2. In the task manager, go to the “Processes” tab.


3. For the convenience of definition, arrange the applications according to the consumption of RAM. To do this, click on the word “Memory”.

4. When you find the right process, check it for errors. You may have to uninstall and reinstall the program if you are unable to reduce memory consumption.

Solution #4: Install Third-party Memory Optimizers

There are lots of applications available on the Internet that can solve this problem for you. You can find such applications by a simple google search. Most of this applications are free to download and use. To name a few, you can use Advanced System Care, Ccleaner, 360 System Security, and many more.

All you have to do is download the application from their official website and run the program. After the initial setup, the program will continuously run in the background and optimize memory usage by various apps.

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