Windows Update Components Must Be Repaired 2020

Windows operating systems will receive regular updates security and non-security updates regularly to fix the issues. The updates contains the third party applications, security improvements along with bug fixes reported by most of the users. All the compatible devices mostly updates these updates automatically. Due to some of the reasons like improper shutdown, power failure, … Read more

Download PCI Simple Communications Controller Driver Windows 10

In the device manager, you can see a exclamation mark in yellow color to the PCI drivers under the other drivers category. It means that the PCI simple communications controller doesn’t have a driver.  Many people have issues with this problem and don’t worry you are not alone. We are here to help you out … Read more

Fix FFXIV Unable To Download Patch Files

We are here to help you out to fix FFXIV unable to download patch files error issues encountered on your system. In this case, you will be unable to run certain operations or demands on the system without these patch files. You will face this issue while installing or updating final fantasy XIV and due … Read more

Fix CD or DVD Drive not Reading Discs in Windows 10

Even though CDs and DVDs are storage devices of the past, there are still used by a lot of people to this date. While you can use the CD or DVD drive of your computer without any issues in older versions of Windows like Windows 7, but the same cannot be said for the latest … Read more

Fixed ~ Task Host Window Prevents Shut Down in Windows 10

Whenever you shut down your Windows PC, Windows is responsible for securely saving your data and closing all of the open applications. This step is highly important as it ensures that none of your data gets corrupted. Not only that but unless all of the running applications and process are terminated, a computer can’t be … Read more