Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

Walmart, one of the major retailers in the United States, operates locations nationwide. The convenience of Walmart shops is maximized by their low prices, large quantities, and thousands of locations. The retail giant has never been hesitant to test out new payment options. As Apple Pay becomes an increasingly popular method of digital payment among customers, the question arises: Does Walmart accept Apple Pay?

What exactly is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a contactless payment method compatible with Apple devices. It lets you to save digital versions of your debit and credit cards on your Apple device. It has 507 million users worldwide, making it the biggest mobile payment service provider. The objective is to get individuals to store their cards on their iPhones rather than in traditional wallets. This enables you to pay using your mobile instead of a card.

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay

Additionally, Apple Pay allows users to make transactions with a single touch in applications that have adopted the Apple Pay API. It is accessible over the web on iOS 10 and macOS Sierra devices and later. iPhone 6 and subsequent models are compatible with Apple Pay in iOS applications.

Is Walmart Compatible with Apple Pay?

Beginning in February 2022, Walmart will no longer accept Apple Pay. Apple Pay applies associated money to a transaction via NFC (near-field communications) technology. Walmart does not yet support NFC technology.

MasterCard, Visa, and American Express credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, cheques, and cash are the most frequent payment methods accepted at Walmart.

What Payment Methods Does Walmart Accept?

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay

Walmart accepts:

  • Credit card
  • Check, debit, or ATM card
  • Capital One Walmart credit card
  • Gift card
  • Affirm
  • Paypal
  • Cash
  • The Chase Pay System
  • American Express Shopping Cart
  • Venmo

Why does Walmart not support Apple Pay?

Walmart does not accept Apple Pay for three significant reasons:

Transaction fees

One of the primary reasons Walmart does not accept Apple Pay is the processing cost. Apple says that the usage of its technology is free, but there is a catch. It is the responsibility of the card issuer to make charges on their behalf. Therefore, Walmart must pay varying processing costs based on the kind of card used with a digital wallet. Depending on the card, the transaction charge might be fairly expensive.

If Walmart embraced Apple Pay, earnings would theoretically decrease. Walmart wants to maximise profits on every transaction, which includes eliminating payment processing expenses wherever feasible.

Amazon Pay

Walmart accepts its own digital payment system, Walmart Pay, even though it does not accept Apple Pay. Walmart does not accept Apple Pay to prevent competition with its own digital payment system.

In addition to digital payment, the Walmart Pay app enables the shop to deliver alerts and communicate with consumers in a single location.

Marketing advantages

This may not be significant to the typical consumer, but if Walmart can create new methods for consumers to pay and interact with the shop, it will increase brand recognition. It simultaneously increases store traffic and spreads Walmart’s brand awareness.

A digital wallet such as Walmart Pay provides a new channel for brand promotion. Walmart Pay is provided solely to Walmart consumers as part of the company’s effort to increase customer loyalty.

When will Walmart begin to support Apple Pay?

Walmart has no current plans to accept Apple Pay. If the Walmart Pay app is discontinued, the corporation might migrate to Apple Pay. However, it does not seem to be possible at the moment.

How to Make a Walmart Pay Payment

Thanks to digital wallets, online and in-person buying have never been simpler. With payment options like Apple Pay and Walmart Pay, you can make purchases with a single click.

The Walmart Pay app is free for Android and iOS users alike.

To get started:

  • Install and use the Walmart app on your mobile device.
  • Choose “Services” from the list of options.
  • Tap “Walmart Pay”
  • Click “Get going”
  • Create or sign in to your account.
  • Select credit or debit card
  • Accept terms of service
  • Choose “Access Walmart Pay”
  • Create a passcode
  • Walmart Pay may be used at checkout.

For usage inside Walmart:

  • Visit any self-checkout station or manned checkout line to scan your products.
  • A unique QR code will appear on the screen of the debit reader.
  • Launch the Walmart Pay
  • Enter your 4-digit pin
  • Hold your mobile device over the QR code on the display until you hear a sound or see a message indicating that your transaction was completed.

Apple Pay and Other Contactless Payments Offer Several Advantages:-

Apple Pay and other contactless payment options, such as Walmart Pay, are popular due to mobile devices’ inherent capability. Apple Pay is presently accessible in 20 countries via iOS applications at partnering retailers and banking institutions.

Among its benefits are:


Apple Pay enables consumers to make purchases by just holding their phone close to the scanner. (Thank goodness, there are safeguards in place to prevent you from inadvertently completing a transaction by holding your smartphone too near to the scanner.) Touch ID lets you to make purchases using your fingerprint. Then, your transaction is completed in a few seconds.

Apple Pay securely saves card numbers and other sensitive information, eliminating the need to input them. This implies the transaction may be completed with a single touch.


Apple Pay will be a more easy method of payment for individuals who already possess an Apple computer. This shortens the buyer’s journey. They would also like the expedient Apple Pay checkout, which removes the need to input complete credit card information. Mobile payments are very easy since customers may employ a payment method they already carry. No issue, even if they left their wallets at home.


As identity theft, data breaches, and credit card fraud have increased, payment security has lately been a primary priority. Apple Pay places a premium on safety. It has hardware and software safeguards embedded into compatible devices.

In addition, Apple Pay stores customers’ payment information, but never transmits it to the receiver or merchant.

Free Internet connection

Apple Pay may be used without internet connectivity. No roaming costs apply. You can still access your phone even if it’s in aeroplane mode. When you use Apple Pay at a shop, the money is sent to the terminal and the NFC chip is used.


Apple does not keep or track the purchases, identities, or other personal information of its customers, including billing addresses. This increases your privacy. Using device account numbers against credit cards often increases the privacy of retail transactions.

Frequent Requested Question

Walmart Pay does not provide cash back when used at Walmart’s retail stores. However, if you attach a rewards credit card to your account, you may get cash back while using Walmart Pay.

When someone gives you money using Apple Pay, you have the option of personally accepting the payment. Accept will appear in the message. You may accept the funds within a week. If you wish to reject it and you have an iPhone, you may launch the wallet app and reject the money under “Recent Transactions.”

You may use a total of six cards at any one time, including five gift cards and one credit or debit card. It is difficult to concurrently use two credit, debit, or prepaid cards.

Apple Pay and Apple Cash are digital payment systems developed by Apple. Both may be accessed using the Apple Wallet. Depending on your needs, you may configure either or both. Apple Cash may be loaded using a debit card, Messages payments, or cash back from an Apple credit card. Alternatively, Apple Pay may be funded using a debit card, credit card, prepaid card, or Apple Cash.