Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

Are you browsing the internet, lost the connection, and want to access the web page with low connection or without connection? Some of the web pages may not be accessible forever and you need to view specific previously opened web page cache. In other cases, you have view important data in one of the website, now the website is inaccessible and you need to get that data. You may face some of the issues given above or may face some other but finally you require to access the web page. And it is possible with the help of various ways to find cached pages in Chrome. Here, you can know in detail about cache, reasons for inaccessibility of a web page, why some websites aren’t cached, and Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome.

About Cache

Cache is a simple component to store data for the faster view of the website in future. To make a smoother experience for the user / viewer, the cache primary goal is to reduce the bandwidth along with process require to deliver the web page content.

Google will take the snapshots of the web Pages and save them as the cache. We can view the saved web pages later with ease as they are saved in our system. The Google chrome is the web browser that stores your visited site’s in the local cache. From the Internet archives and Google, you can get the latest snapshot of the website. Whereas from Google chrome browser, you will get the snapshot of the website when you last visited the website. Follow the content to know more about the Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

Reasons For Inaccessibility Of A Web Page

Below we have given reasons for unable to access the webpage and those are also reasons for requirement of webpage.

  • The website is opening very slow due to traffic congestion, you require to view cached pages for easy viewing of webpage.
  • If the site owner removes the webpage, you will get a 404 error and you will not be able to access the website content until and unless the page is backed by the owner. In this situations, if you want to view the contents of previously viewed contents, Google cached pages is the best option.
  • In case, the web page recently added any registration or subscription process to view the page content. You will be inaccessible to the page contents without registration or subscription. To view previously loaded web page of the website with any of the above is to view chrome cached pages.

Why Some Sites Aren’t Cached

Most of the websites will have cache but with few exceptions. Website owner’s will use robots.txt file for requesting that the cache should be deleted or their site must not be indexed in Google.

Some of the website owners while removing the site will make sure that the content content must not retained anywhere. Due to this situation also you are unable to view the cache of some of the remove websites.

If the websites containing dark content that are not indexed while searching like information of credit card, forums of private discussions, or behind paywall (if the website content is view-able or accessible only after the payment).

Even the wayback machine also unable to view the contents of the above issue web pages.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

We have provided the possible ways to find cached pages in chrome to view chrome cache images, videos or content of the web page.

1. Results Page of Google Search

To get the cached version of the web page using Google search follow below steps.

  • Type the keyword or URL related to the page in the field given in google search and click on enter button.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

  •  Navigate to the result that you are searching for, click on the small downward arrow button, and select cached option.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

  • The cache web page opens with a header section that shows cached websites by date and time details. The header also showcase reminder that the current web page may vary. There is an option to view only text version to avoid unnecessary graphics to read plain text. But this option removes all the layouts and makes the text distorted. To get the previous version either click on browser back button or click on full version on the header section.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

Note: The website owners can also request Google to avoid caching their website and to remove previously cached content. As the cached page may contain broken images and misses some of the backgrounds.

2. Web Cache Viewer In Address Bar

The other easy method to view chrome cache images, and content on the web page are as follows. This shows the Google recently cached content and one of the easy Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome.

  • Initially, open the chrome browser.
  • Type cache:WebsiteLink (This will be your preferred website) for which you want to view cached content. For Example, if you are looking the cached content for the website given below


————-> Finally, add cache text as shown below to view the previous cached page.


Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

  • The webpage will look similar to the below image with a header section. The cached website data time and date are shown in the image. So, you can have the clear idea of when the web page is last cached.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

3. Using Chrome Extension

The chrome extensions are also useful to view cached versions of a web page from either Google cache or wayback machine. Search in chrome web store or directly search on Google search bar for web cache viewer or any of the available extensions. This will provide the web page cached options of Google cache archive and wayback machine archive. So, this is also considered as one of the easy Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome to get both the cache versions under one roof.

  • One of the chrome extension to view cached version is web cache viewer. Either open web cache viewer or open any of the chrome extension and follow below procedure.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

  • Click on add to chrome option as shown in the figure.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

  • From the pop – up window, select Add extension option.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

  • Downloading and installing process is automatic. Now, you can see the extension on your chrome window.
  • Here, search for any content on Google and you will get search results.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

  •  Navigate to any of the link, right – click on it, and select web cache viewer, select either of the options from wayback machine version or Google cache archive.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

Note: Mostly, this helps to view the web page cache with ease. This is the all in one solution which predominantly works to view the cache data of a website.

4. Using Online Web Cache

The online website will surely help to get the Google web cache, archive.org cache, or the live version. There is also an option to submit your web page to archive.org. Follow the below process to retrieve cache web page.

  • Go to the link https://cachedviews.com/
  • Now, enter the URL in the space provided as shown in the figure.
  • Now either select the Google web cache or Archive.org cache. Any one of the option will help you to get the view of website content.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

5. Show Save Button

Showing save button while internet is off will be one of the option to view the cache content of the website. This solution will help to load browser cache stale copy of the web page.

  • Open chrome://flags/ or copy – paste in the url text field of chrome browser.
  • Now, press ctrl + F buttons simultaneously and enter the text show saved copy button. Or you can directly navigate to the option on using the below given url.

——->     chrome://flags/#show-saved-copy

  • Here, click on the down arrow box and from the drop down list select enable: primary option.

You can see the option as shown in the figure.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

  • However,  you have finally enabled the show saved copy option for the websites while there is no internet connection as well as when your internet is slow or breaks down continuously. You will come up with show saved copy button, click on it to view the cache page of the website.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

6. Using Wayback Machine

The internet archives will help to view web page older copies. The Google cache offers you only recent cache but the wayback machine will offer multiple web page older versions. This allows you to get the cache content and gives the full website view on the specific snapshot created date. To know more details about it, follow below steps to use wayback machine to view cache web page.

  • Copy – paste the link https://archive.org/ in your browser url field.
  • Now, go and copy the website link for which you have to find or get the cache page.
  • Here, navigate to the above given website, paste the url in the given field as shown in the figure and click on enter button or tap around url field for search.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

  • The wayback machine automatically loads and checks for the cache of the website.
  • It shows all the data like how many times website / web page has been saved between specific year, month, and date.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

  • You have to select the year, date, and day as shown in the image to view the cache data of your preferred website.

Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome

  • Finally, you will be redirected to the cached snapshot view of the website according to your preferred date.

Note: You will not be able to view any saved data of the web page, if the web page is newly established and wayback machine didn’t crawl through it. Actually, the given data is about how many times wayback machine crawled particular website in a particular period of time and on particular date. In some of the cases, you can find multiple screenshots of the website on a particular date too.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, Ways To Find Cached Pages in Chrome helped you to get the cache of your required website. The wayback machine, using extension, and with the help of google search page are most working solutions. If you are still facing the issue or having any queries, reach us in the comment section.


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