What is “To To Continue” mean in Fortnite?

What is To To Continue mean in Fortnite

Fortnite is a no-cost Battle Royale game with many different modes to suit every type of gamer. On the 4th of June 2022, the day that Fortnite live event came to an close, players were not able to play the game because the Fortnite server was down.

A lot of players received “To be Continued” messages on their screen, leaving many people wondering what it was happening.

This article we’ll clarify what “To be Continued” mean and the best way to resolve this problem.

What is “To be continued” mean in Fortnite?

To be continued to be Continued in Fortnite can be described as a notification you’ll receive when you attempt to log into Fortnite. “To be Continued” message appeared on the screen after the an event of collision occurred. This was marked as the closing chapter 3 Season 2.

Fornite was able to enter an extended period of period of inactivity just prior to the beginning of Chapter 3 Season 3.

Why does Fortnite Said “To Be Remaining”?

Fortnite has said To Be Continued since Fortnite went into extended downtime right after the live events. There is no option other than to for waiting.

Fortnite To be Continued is an unplayable time of server downtime. There is currently no date for when it will be over.

What happens when it states to Continue in Fortnite?

If it states that it will be maintained in Fortnite is a sign that Fortnite is down for an longer duration. Fortnite has been performing maintenance or an upgrade on their system prior to Chapter 3 Season 3.

How can I fix “To be continued” on Fortnite?

To fix “To To Continue” To fix “To Be Continued” in Fortnite Check if the Fortnite server is online or not. Other than waiting to get the Fortnite server is up there is no way to do anything else.

You can follow the Fortnite’s Twitter handles for up-to-date information on the server’s downtime, and when it will be back up.

Because To Be Continued is not playable. There is a time frame for server downtime, There is also no limit on for when it’s over.

Therefore, you cannot do anything other than wait until the Fortnite server downtime is expected to be finished.